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The Academy Awards ceremony has become a rendezvous point for the year’s major biopics and white-savior pictures, but they have the potential for so much more without Old Hollywood looming over the annual ceremony.

‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins wins Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards.

The Academy Awards are a means of validation and recognition that rewards challenging films made by women and people of color on the grandest stage in Hollywood.

Having an idea is one thing, but the arduous task of manifesting it in the studio or on canvas is something else. A filmmaker’s efforts are doubled if they don’t appear as their white, male colleagues and it warrants recognition for their soul-baring work.

In his book “Five for Five,” Spike Lee’s disdain for his first film comes from his lack of involvement as director in casting. Furthermore, in the conclusion of a…

Parasite’s success will prove futile if moviegoers don’t capitalize on it.

‘Parasite’ director Bong Joon-Ho at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Prior to the cancellation of it’s screening, Long Beach State Associated Students Inc. were giving students the chance to view Bong Joon-ho’s film Parasite, which made history at the 92nd Academy Awards as the first foreign film to win best picture. It means a lot more than earning a little golden man.

This year further validated the argument that filmmakers of Asian descent deserve a seat at the table as serious auteurs of our time.

Parasite’s success stands as a testament to Asian cinema, transcending the boundaries that lie between Best Picture and Best Foreign Film. Asian films exist on…

RJ Singh

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